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    Couple of questions here:

    1. Recent problem: Kept getting a "Warning, Low Memory" error. Unloaded a program that I had recently loaded and everything got better. The whole time I had plenty of storage memory, so I'm guessing I was running into the low cache problem. However, I cannot currently "delete old mail" in versa mail. Every time I attempt to do that the phone resets. Is this indicitive of the same problem?

    2. I'm debating about doing the 700 -> 755 rom update. Will this fix the above problem? I also vaugely remember seeing something warning against attempting this update if you're using a Mini or Micro card with adapter. Is this true? The only card I have for it currently is a Micro.

    I'm a Treo Noob, so please, be gentle.
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    Download memoryinfo to see how much free DBcache you have when getting this message.

    The DBcache is what it used when a program is loaded from nvram to ram. If this runs low then you run out of memory. Reset, start each program one by one checking to see how much memory they use.

    Hope this helps.
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    I'll look into that. I need to go find memoryinfo.

    Any comments on my 2nd question? Can I update my ROM from a Micro SD? Will Upgrading help?

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