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    Ok so I haven't scoured the message boards for why/if this is possible, but today I had my Centro next to me, dozed off..woke up and had "radio off" in Chatter, and my green LED was blinking. I had no idea why, but since there have been a few weird happenings on my phone lately (TreoLauncher's trial is suddenly just missing from my phone and my phone doesn't recognize my card.) - but I did have a couple of text messages. I am wondering, was my light blinking because I had text messages waiting to be read and the phone's radio was off? And if so, why isn't it simple to get that LED to blink for those text messages when the radio ISN'T off ?? I miss text messages ALL the time because there is nothing but that silly bell in the corner. I want a blinking LED and I don't want a 3rd party app to do it dangit!

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    Download a program called Central. It'll let you set up audio alerts for texts and voicemails and does a lot of other cool things too.
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    Do you have the Battery.prc installed? That program defaults to showing the LED when the phone is in REM sleep. My LED will turn on and off depending on what is going on in the background processes when the phone is off. You can turn that off in the battery app.

    Second question. I use Butler to light the LED when I have an alert waiting. Works PERFECT. There are a ton of other reminder options and schedules available in Butler. Free trial available.
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    Or just download AttentionGrabber. It's free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fstopstigmata View Post
    Or just download AttentionGrabber. It's free.
    I'll have to check this out. I can't believe I haven't checked into it before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fstopstigmata View Post
    Or just download AttentionGrabber. It's free.
    I did this a few weeks ago and couldn't be happier.

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