Centro was excellent for 30 days. Using Versamail (v, Build 103, May 19, 2008) to sync with Exchange (2003) sever. Push worked great - email, calendar, contacts.... life was wonderful.

Then, for no reason it all stopped working... I have tried the following (several of these multiple times):

1. Soft reset
2. Verified with IT that the server was still ok. (it is)
3. Delete account, add it back to versamail
4. Delete versamail, reinstall versamail, add account back
5. Hard reset, reinstall versamail, then hotsync with computer., add account
6. Hard reset, reinstall versamail, account, no hotsync.
7. Tried a co-workers account (to see if the problem was with my outlook folders).

With all of these trials I get the same result:
- Test settings = success (so I know the account information is ok)
- Initial sync screen askes to sync - select yes.
- Sync screen appears shows "connecting-forming secure connection-receiving-receiving" then disappears (but no mail, contacts, or calendar appear)
- Immediately an alert appears (the small yellow circle in the upper left corner) that tells me "Account: Please Press the Sync Button"
- If I press sync the process repeats and the alert reappears.

I contacted Palm, they want to blame the server, hinted that it might be a hardware problem, but would not take further action until after I check with IT again about server problems.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.