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    I just found a major problem with Microsoft Word security (unless I'm doing something wrong, which is highly possible).

    Make a document, then under tools, protect the document making it uneditable. Email it as attachment to Centro/Treo and you can edit whatever you want without the password.

    I send docs to my agency all the time. I protect them so someone down the line doesn't edit my report. However, apparently DocToGo removes this securtiy.

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    D2G does not support all the features of Word, Excel, etc. Can you email it to your device as a Word file, and then forward it to someone else without affecting the security? I would hope so. Some of the features are probably lost when you save the file on the phone.
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    DocToGo might not support all the features, but this totally defeats a protected Microsoft Word Document in one easy step.

    More a problem with Microsoft allowing their security to be disregarded.
    All will believe in Him! The question is when!
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    I would suggest converting the Word document to a pdf and sending that out. That should prevent the recipient from being able to edit the document. Has worked well for me.
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    I had to check that myself, and this is pretty cool (well not nec. in a good way It seems to remove the protection completely. Not a good thing, but I don't know about the rights management service (2k7 version) as I don't have a server and don't want to sign up for MS, but I suspect that will actually secure it.
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    Only the Premium and Total Office versions support password protected files, at least according to their website. Are you using one of these versions? If so, that's scary!
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    PDF files can be editted. They can also be locked against edits, if your PDF-making software has that feature.
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    This thread caught my attention as I've been using D2G for several years and never even noticed this. Here's what I've figured out. D2G does not support passwords for modifying files only passwords for opening files (Premium bundle). A detailed explanation can be found here:
    If you open an edit protected document in D2G, it ignores the protection and can be easily revised. An excel spreadsheet that that is protected can be opened in D2G and if you attempt to input data or modify, an error message will pop up telling you it is protected. However, you simply go to menu >format >Sheet and uncheck the box "Protect Sheet" and you can edit the sheet. So folks, this is a bit of a reality check. Any document that you may believe to be protected against unauthorized editing can be easily modified by simply opening it with Documents to Go.
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    Also, works well with missing fonts I had a document that was displaying symbols because the font that it was originally created with (market something - forget exactly) was missing. On the desktop I could not retrieve the actually characters - switching to another font wouldn't help. Docs to go opened it with everything intact - in another font it chose - so I could get it back again. Very nice!
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    And people say the Palm OS isn't relevant anymore. This thread proves it's useful for something.

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