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    I have used Tom Tom 6 with a bluetooth GPS and it was working fine but all of a sudden, I pair the device and select it in Tom Tom, but it says GPS not found. I've done everything to narrow it down, including a hard reset and just installing Tom Tom by itself and nothing else and it still does not work. Sprint is giving me a hard time that they do not support 3rd party apps. I tried the blue tooth with a speaker phone it works fine, just GPS does not function. Any ideas or is my device just crapped out?

    I've tried the GPS with my Pocket PC and it works just fine. FYI.
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    Try this:
    1. Turn on your GPS and allow it to get a satellite signal.
    2. Turn off the GPS and start TomTom
    3. Once TomTom comes up, turn on the GPS

    I have found that procedure to be the quickest way for TomTom to find my GPS (within 30-seconds). Doing anything else either takes TomTom up to 5-minutes to find the GPS or it doesn't find it at all.
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    That did not solve the problem, but I did find a solution. Since Tom Tom could not find it, I downloaded a copy of navegador and told it what baud rate (9600) and type of GPS (Bluetooth other type NMEA), after that was working, I launched Tom Tom and it finally promoted the Bluetooth devices screen, I selected it and it worked. This was the most aggravating install of a bluetooth device I ever had, but it now works. I posted this just incase someone else has a problem installing a Bluetooth GPS. FYI, it is a Holux M-1000 and it works fine with the 755p and TT6.
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    Another work around you can use that I have to do with my 750 and my Freedom Keychain GPS is to use Google Maps to pair the GPS to my Treo and then open Tom Tom and it can then see the GPS.

    Annoying, but it works.
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    C'mon man. That's mean. We don't have GPS enabled GM on our POS devices (except Centro).
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    Use WhereAmI.prc

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