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    So I'm nearing the end of my 2 year contract with my 700p. I really have no huge complaints, it worked "OK" and met my expectations.

    In this past week I managed to "tar" the poor ******* with driveway sealer. After intense cleanup it still works fine, but I want to switch before it gives up the ghost.

    My primary usage outside calls for the phone is email (exchange server), with web-browsing in second. I do use Telenav with a GPS puck. I don't text much, don't listen to music on it, or use sprint TV.

    I have the SERO plan which severely limits my options, please chime in if you see something I am missing:

    1) Instinct looks cool, but I would lose SERO, so an extra ~$60/month

    2) Centro? I'm one of those that loves the Palm OS - simple is better, it's not a desktop so why do I need to run 52 simultaneous apps? Downside is that the keyboard looks unusable for my fat thumbs

    3) 755p? While not the "accepted" upgrade path by Sprint, can I shell out $$ to buy it? Can I keep SERO?

    4) Flash the 700p to 755p. All kinds of risky, and it looks like I lose text messaging? Then I start worrying about latent effects of the tar incident....

    5) 800w? I really hate windows mobile. If there's a way to make things really complicated, microsoft will find it.

    6) Wait for Diamond, Herman or whatever it's called.

    7) Crackberry. Nice closed operating system, and at the mercy of the RIM network, which occasionally takes a sh*t. May have to buy a data plan.

    8) Wait for Android phones and jump or get and iPhone and jump carriers.

    I really liked sprint and get good reception in my area, so I'm looking at 2, 3, and 4 as front runners. I'd be happy with a slightly better (faster) version of the 700p, throw in integrated GPS and I'm giddy.

    Again, looking for feedback about the phones as well as other options I might have missed.

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    Have you got insurance on the 700p? If so, that $50 phone may be the best choice until the new Palm OS comes out. I'm hanging on to my 700p until then.

    I prefer Palm OS to Windows mobil too, but the GPS and WiFi on the 800w make me jealous. I'm trying to talk one of my friends, who's a Windows fan into getting one, so I can thoroughly check it out. I think it will suit him and I'm curious how well StyleTap works as a Palm emulator.

    The Centro is too small for me, but users seem to love it. And you get GPS.

    Just my thinking. I'm no expert for sure.

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