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    So, all the chatter about the Centro got me curious. My 700P is two years and 3 months old. Honestly, I'm pretty happy with it. Resets every few weeks, wish I had GPS, other than that, no complaints. Still, so many folks were talking about how much better the Centro is.

    Went to a Verizon store today to take a look at the Centro. The small size and lightweight is OK. Frankly, it was almost too small to hold between my ear and shoulder.

    I held my 700P and the Centro side by side and pulled up some websites. Maybe a fraction of a second faster on the Centro, but not more than the blink of an eye.

    Did a #*#33284 and got identical signal strength readings.

    In terms of stability - did a #*#377 on each to get the last crash.... mine crashed last on July 23rd (today is August 14th - that's 3 weeks). The one in the store crashed last on July 29th!!!

    So, no difference in signal strength, no real difference in browser speed, a more recent crash on the Centro, smaller keyboard and screen, worse battery life...... I can upgrade for free, but would have to spend money for a pen stylus, screen protector, and maybe a case and extra battery/charger. I am comfortable saving my "new every two" till next year when something significantly better comes out.
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    I will have to disagree with you...Owned my VZW Treo 700p for 2 years and after going through all the firmware bugs, LAGS, crashes, poorer reception, etc....I wll never go back to my Treo 700p. Have had the my VZW Centro for 2 months and will never go back. The battery life on the Centro is not as bad as I thought. After I loaded up the same programs on my Centros, it definitely does NOT crash as often as the 700p and definitely ALOT less lags!!

    Took me about a week to get used to the smaller keyboard, but the Centro actually works as advertised. Camera is better, sound quality from the speakerphone and earpiece is better...had to get used to the smaller size, but actually the reception is better.

    The plastic quality on the Centro is definitely cheaper than my studier 700p, but after using the Centro for the past 2 months, I can't believe how BRICK-like my old 700p.

    However, NOVA OS is coming soon and can't wait enough for the new OS and newer programs!!
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    save your n-e-2 for htc touch pro...or diamond if you want it slimmer. I'm of the same mind about the centro "upgrade" 700 is about to get replaced due to reception and audio issues, and I'm about 80% hoping I get another 700...or a 755, I guess.
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    I rely on a several Palm OS programs both personal and medical programs that I rely on everyday and for me, the Centro is what Palm should have came out with 2 years ago...However, still waiting for the new Palm OS. I played around with the Sprint Treo 800w, but still DO NOT like the way WinMobile 6.1 works even with Palm's special sauce on it. Plus, my Centro runs faster than the 800w. I'm impressed that finally Palm added WiFi, GPS, etc., but waiting for the new Palm OS with those features!!
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    you got a special wifi'd centro? nice.
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    I went for the Centro last month after having my sprint Treo 700p for over 2 yrs.
    It's stable,fast and compact and the screen is very bright..
    I love it.
    Good Luck
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    Clarify, I was talking about that Palm finally added wifi, gps to the Treo 800w. Check out the new Treo Pro (again WinMob 6.1) Still waiting for new Palm OS but the Centro is best of Garnet Palm OS smartphone IMHO.
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    you got a special wifi'd centro? nice.

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