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    I've been checking the TreoTown website for the release of Radiomayd daily. I was just wondering if there was any news about it. It seems like a very nice piece of software, like all the TreoTown programs I use. Can't wait to try it out.
    Thanks GreenHex / mvk
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    Hey carguy thanks... I've yet to implement one important feature that I'd like to have before release... So the i've been postponing the release... (not finding time, etc...)

    I can mail you the PRC file from my last build... It's works well, and no resets, etc...

    - mvk

    PS: It works only on GSM Treo or Centro

    PPS: Another reason I've been delaying the release is, I don't know whether to make it shareware or freeware... considering, my freeware "experiment" is a massive failure.

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    Thanks for sending the pre-release version.

    Maybe you could offer a "lite" freeware version as well as a fuller featured version for a few dollars. Hopefully that would yield some income while still allowing people who occasionally use (enough to like it, but not enough to pay for it) your software, to get some use out of it.

    Thanks for such innovative software.
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    carguy, which device do you have?
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    I have a Palm Centro that I'm running on T-mobile in the U.S. I bought it unlocked, i.e. I it's not an AT&T model unlocked after sale, but instead came unlocked from Palm.

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