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    aol radio on 755p, is it possible?
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    Obviously the biggest problem I can see with it is that AOL Radio is completely dependent on Flash... which, I'm sure you know does not work with a factory "out of the box" POS Treo. Due to this, I see you have a couple options:

    1. Try to get flash to work on your Treo... I have heard of some people trying to do this, but not sure if it actually works... never tried it.

    2. Try to find the same content (or radio station) that you are trying to access on AOL Radio on a mobile-accessible site.

    Personally, I would think the 2nd option is going to be the easier of the two, but that is just me.

    Of course, there are far brighter souls out there than I... so maybe someone else on here knows of a third or fourth option....

    Just my .02.... L8R

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