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    Need help ... which GPS receiver works well with Garmin Mobile XT for the Treo 680?

    I have a Holux M1000, but as we all know ... it won;t work at all, until Garmin comes out with an update for the Palm OS to sort the NMEA.

    Here are the units I know that will work.

    1)Garmin 10x GPS Receiver
    2)Palm OEM GPS Receiver
    3)Freedom GPS 2000 Receiver

    Any help will do, pls and thank you
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    Why not just go ahead and purchase the smallest GPS receiver in the marketplace... Freedom GPS 2000? It works like a charm, extemely accurate with it's chipset, and it's nicely priced.
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    Just wanna find out what other units work with Garmin.
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    Palm OEM GPS Receiver

    I've noticed they are different model numbers ... do they all work w/ Garmin?
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    Look at the end of the Garmin master discussion thread, and you'll find your answer. ;-)
    My Palm phones: i500 --> i550 --> 650 --> 700p --> Centro

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