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    Does anyone who uses Blazer know if the home page is accessible via a normal PC/MAC browser?

    I just bought a Thinmodem which comes with Browse-it onboard the SB module. Previously I had been using Blazer and really liked the home page of Blazer (it a MSN-powered home page). The home page for Browse-it takes you to the login for Puma's Intellsync which I have no need for. I know I can change Browse-it's home page and I would like to use the Blazer home page as my home page, if possible.

    If I try to bookmark the home page in Blazer the url is "KWL:home" which is obviously a url (or code) that the app understands. I figure that the page has to reside somewhere on the web since Blazer has to connect (the first time) to get the page. Also, Handspring wouldn't code the page directly into the app, just in case they wanted to update it.

    Any ideas as to what the address of this web page is?
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    Never Mind! I just found it myself....

    In case you want it, it is

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