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    I know you're supposed to use the $30 plan with the Centro, but I was wondering if anyone has had their $15 plan changed by AT&T?

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    My 650 was stolen and I replaced it with a refurbished Centro through the AT&T website. I didn't have a data plan on the 650 and I still don't with the Centro. YMMV
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    Hi Mike,

    I was curious about this myself.

    Someone on another board told me it was likely that I could get around the $30 data plan requirement by either a: buying an unlocked Centro for AT&T off Ebay and adding the $15 data plan on to my current non-PDA AT&T phone then adding the SIM to the Centro when I got it or B: since I had a family plan that was due for device upgrades on both lines, ordering a non-PDA phone with $15 data plan for my line and ordering the Centro with no data for the secodary line and just switching the SIM cards when I got the new phones.

    Not sure if either of these 2 scenarios would work and I did not want to risk being locked into another 2 year contract with AT&T if it didnt & I really wanted the Centro w/ data so I left AT&T and went to Sprint instead.

    The sad part is AT&T customer retentions knew this would be a deal breaker for me and did nothing to try to keep me AT&T loyal after 6+ years of being with them. I was basically told "We are #1 and Sprint is not a threat so if you want to leave go ahead."
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    You need to have the IMEI number of a regular phone set up on your account. Then add the $15 plan, and maybe the $5 text plan as well. Then simply switch the sim card to the treo. I have had multiple treos over the years and never used anything but the Media Net plans. Just set up the Centro for my wife this way.
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    Seems they only "make" you get the data plan when there is a rebate involved. I've been eyeing the Centro for awhile, and was told in order to get it through both Sprint (who i was with) and AT&T, that i'd have to add the $30 data plan through either carrier, but i could cancel once the rebate came through--so after a month or two. I dragged my heels and am glad that i did, because Best Buy just had the Centro for "free" last week, w/a 2 yr contract w/AT&T. I even double checked w/the workers there and they said i'd only have to get a data plan through Verizon. So i got the basic 450 w/rollover for $39.99/mo. and added the 200 txt messages for $5/mo. HTH.
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    You can always go prepaid with a GoPhone PAYG or PYP plan and get unlimited MediaNet for only $20 per month. They don't check IMEI numbers and it often comes out cheaper than a postpaid plan if you don't use a lot of voice minutes each month. I've done this for over a year on my Treo 650 and saved tons of $$$.
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    When I asked AT&T about data plans, I was told the reason for the price difference was because the Palm phone required a different data plan to function at 100%. The other plan wouldn't let it do that. Say what??? THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE!
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    Forida Tony:

    I agree, they basically lied to you.
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    I have the Palm Centro on Verizon and they do not require a data plan. I got a free trial for 30 days and I really don't want to pay $30 a month but I love having data on my phone.
    Don't know what to do.
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    I would Cancel the Verizon and go with Sprint..
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    Quote Originally Posted by octoberdana View Post
    I have the Palm Centro on Verizon and they do not require a data plan. I got a free trial for 30 days and I really don't want to pay $30 a month but I love having data on my phone.
    Don't know what to do.
    I second that: Cancel Verizon and go wiht Sprint. Sprint offers much more competative rates on their data plans.

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