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    Okay, so I tried posting this in another area and no response, so hopefully I can get some help here. I bought a centro 2 weeks ago and love it. I also own a mac, and love it. But... it seems like they don't get along too great. I followed all the isync and hotsync instructions and got my centro to sync with my ical and address book just fine, my mac sent my centro all my contacts. Then a few days later I added about 20 names into my mac address book, and tried syncing my centro to it...nothing. It does all the normal hotsync backup, and file transfers, but everytime I check my centro's contacts, the new ones havent been added. So, is there something I am doing wrong? Should I reset something and start all over? I've heard that you can buy the Missing sync app, but I really can't afford it, and I got it to sync once, so it has to be able to do it again. Thanks, and I can't wait to start participating in the forums.
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    not to seem mean, but 106 views, and not one person can even try and help me. i think im going to switch forums.

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