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    I know the S9 is a good set and would be great for my workouts... but I'm looking for a single (mono) bluetooth earpiece like the Jabra 8040 with a2dp. I just picked up the unit tonight and its good but I don't know if the volume is going to be loud enough. I mostly bought it (other than a jawbone) for its ability to stream my radio shows. I really like its size, its sooooooooooooo small too.

    I've researched but it looks like if I want a2dp and mono this is going to currently be my best option. No? Thanks. If someone can recommend something else I will gladly return this.

    Edit forgot to ask: Is there no software that you can use to stream music to a regular bluetooth piece without a2dp? Thanks!

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    Personally, I like the Jabra 8010, because you can use it as mono or stereo, but YMMV.
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    After doing some research, I think the Blueant z9i would be a headset I'd like to try out....

    Too bad I cannot find it locally in black. Only in red @ CompUSA. Gr.


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