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    So I saw a bunch of people rave about Gizmo for an AIM client.

    I tried it out. First it was a pain to make an account. The link to make an account is not posted anywhere on the site. First you have to download and install their software to get the account signup link. Once I did that, the link that opens in Blazer has that image-embedded text to ensure you're not a bot. Well, that image wasn't displaying on blazer. So I had to manually type in the address, semicolons, question marks, equal signs and all, into my computer's web browser to make it to the 'secret' (or whatever) account signup page.

    I make the account and then sign on to Gizmo. I see that I have to chat with some AIM-like bot to get my AIM account setup. I type 1, or whatever, to indicate an AIM account and then type in my account name and password over chat - real sophisticated. It proudly loads my buddy list but heres the best part: the buddy list looks like crap.

    Every online screen name is shown as offline (the really offline screen names aren't shown at all) and in the format: I mean I can't even see the rest this crap is so long.

    Maybe the format is:

    So, here's my question to the TC community, is gizmo a scam? This seems like the biggest piece of crap client I've ever encountered. Is the whole internet phone call aspect of the company just a front to get all of our AIM screen names and passwords so they can go on our names and send stupid messages to our friends when we least suspect it?

    Seriously though, can anyone attest to the goodness of gizmo?
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    Gizmo is just a free version of Chatopus that can only connect to the Gizmo servers. The reason it works the way it does is because it's using a jabber server and gateways to other im providers such as AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc... That's why there's the after each screen name. I've never had problems with the offline/online status.

    I primarily use Mundu as my IM client and Chatopus as my backup. Chatopus/Gizmo/Jabber is a pain to setup but once it is it works great.

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