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    I had the strangest reset a little while ago. I was trying to open blazer and crashed. when I came back up, zlauncher didn't load. skinui didn't load. my buttons were back to the palm default. fontsmoother was off and when I went to load fontsmoother it gave me the welcome screen as if I had just installed it. reset doctor gave me an message of a reset while running web "Preferences.c, Line:266,Pref DB Open Error"

    what gives?! its stuff like this that makes me want to try an iphone even more. luckily I did a backup last night but still!
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    snappermail went back to a trial
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    Your crash and issues are related to a diseased Saved Prefs file. Some apps like ZLauncher, poorly writen apps and hotsyncing can screw up a Saved Prefs file. A bad cable connection during a hotsync can and does corrupt files.

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    Be wary of the new iPhone and its downloaded apps. Stability has seemingly taken a dramatic nose-dive from the first generation and 1.x firmware.
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    I used ZLauncher on my Treos (700P and 2 Centros) - really not the problem. The problem is the loosing of preferences due to the clearing of the cache problem. I suggest an application such as Reset Doctor - lock the preferences and choose a cache clearing level you are comfy with. I ended up using the default level and put up with it clearing more often than I was tickled with. Result: nothing lost.
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    since my prefs are already apparantly messed up, what should I do? a hard reset? I'm not sure where or how it got screwed up.
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    bclinger didn't mention that ZLauncher uses up DBCache, as does some other launchers. When your Cache gets to low, your device crashes. ZLauncher does not like the crash and your Saved Prefs file will suffer as the result.

    I went through this issue a long time ago with ZLauncher. I got rid of ZLauncher, and no more Saved Prefs issues. But then again, that's only my opinion based on experience with it.

    The only way to get a healthy Saved Prefs file back, is to start all over again. Keep a backup copy of your saved prefs file if you want to use ZLauncher.

    As a note, I don't use ZLauncher any longer, and I use only quality apps and I don't hotsync anymore either. I have no corruptions in my data base files which nets a very healthy 700p and Centro.

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