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    I am running OS 5 on a Treo 650. I only recently started using the tasks app. On prior palm devices, I thought the tasks & memos apps sorted items alphabetically, after sorting by category, etc. This does not happen on the 650. Am I totally off base here or is there something I am missing? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    In the default Tasks app for the 650, it sorts by priority (the little 1-5 you give each task) & due date. You can change the way it sorts by going to the Tasks app's menu, selecting "Options", then "Preferences..." . Unfortunately, you are not given an option to sort alphabetically.

    Here are your sorting options (as you'll see):
    Sort by:
    -Priority, Due Date
    -Due Date, Priority
    -Category, Priority
    -Category, Due Date

    The default Memos app will allow you to sort alphabetically if you set it to in the same "Options" , "Preferences..." menu of the memos app.

    I used my old Treo 650 running Garnet 5.4.8 for this info.


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