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    Some good deals here including the excellent Takephone for just over five quid!
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    Yep, awesome deals there! I've got four in my cart and will purchase them tonight. Even more savings can be had for those wanting Hobbyist Software. As usual, there are bundled discounts when buying more than one of their apps, so I'm getting Power Hero for the advertised sale price of $9.95 (33% off), but the other two Hobbyist apps are priced even lower! I don't even think I'll use PhoneTech, but for that price... who cares if I do or don't - it's pretty much a freebie. I just couldn't resist Hexagon Deluxe for 90% off.

    $0.99 - Hexagon Deluxe
    $9.95 - Power Hero
    $6.97 - Butler
    $6.97 - Phone Technician

    Sweet! $55 worth of apps for $24.88USD! I just bought Treo Launcher & Genius from Treonauts last week at similar discounts also. I'm loving these POS app sales - though the wallet may be getting a bit PO'd. All I'm waiting to see go on sale now is DateBk6. Oh, and a certain SDHC driver for my ol' TX.

    Look at their other specials for amazing deals. I check these constantly and you should too.
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    PhoneTechnician is the single most useful "utility" software I've ever used for my Treo. The volume booster portion of the PT is well worth the purchase price alone. Add to that Hobbyist's frequent updates & good customer support and you've got several no brainer purchases (I'd recommend Butler, Phone Technician and either Genius or Initiate).
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    I'm definitely getting USB modem for 9.95$

    thinking about Agendus for the same price. Is it really useful?
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    Thanks, hkklife. I'll give PT a good look today. I purchased the apps I mentioned last night and it's time to play - well, work really, but eh... I use my Treo for work calls, so it's legit

    During the trial period, Power Hero made a noticeable difference in my battery life and the way Genius allows me to enter a query immediately without waiting for Blazer to load is a great time-saver. This is also nice for those of us who are forgetting more, sooner.

    I never even installed Butler and PT b4 my purchase, but I know my immediate use for Butler is the remote wipe. The volume boost in Phone Tech may be worth while - I know I can't get enough volume when using BT (which Power Hero adds worthy power saving and convenience features to).

    As I look at product descriptions on the Hobbyist site I see a lot of overlap/redundancy of features. I just hope they don't stomp on each other. I think it will all make more sense after I experience these apps. And that experience begins today thanks to this sale. Hobbyist Software has been good to me so far.

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