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    Looking to buy my first smart phone. The plethora of processes and software programs for syncing various smartphones with my Mac Powerbook G4 has my head spinning. Here are my needs:

    I use a Mac Powerbook G4 running OS 10.4.11
    I wish to stay with Verizon (good service in my area)
    I use Entourage for email (Office for Mac 2004)
    I use Palm 4.2.1 for my calendar and contacts

    I want good phone performance, my contacts and calendar at my finger tips and the ability to check email and web sites. Music and all the other ancillary functions are not of value to me.

    Later this Fall, I expect to buy a Ford Fusion with Sync - but simply achieving hands free via bluetooth in the car would be sufficient. Other synchronization in the car isn't a high priority for me.

    I am realizing that I may need to do some manual keying to combine my email data (currently in Entourage) with my addresses and phone list (currently in Palm). Before I embark on what might be a sizable task, I am desperate for advice re which OS (and consequently which smartphone) will be best for me.

    Bear in mind that I am coming from a circa 1999 Motorola Star Tac which has been my most reliable and favorite mobile device for a decade - it unfortunately met its death in a lake yesterday. Hence I also need advice sort of asap...

    Thanks in advance for anything anyone can offer...
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    Centro should work nicely for you, especially if you want to stay with Verizon. As for your email. entourage is your email client software....who is your email provider? (i.e. yahoo mail, gmail, aol, hotmail, etc)
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    Wow, you was still using a Star Tac phone. I was just telling someone about my old cell phones and remember that one as one of my favorites. But its long gone now. The Centro is my first smartphone and its a great little phone. Just be aware that as far as I know you can't do BT headset dialing without first starting the voice app on the Centro.
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    Wow! That is antiqued. I guess verizon is better than sprint, in that, any phone that I have had, whenever it gets 2 years old, it starts dropping calls like crazy and kinda force me to have to get a new phone.

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