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    I just bought the centro. I did not get a Data plan. I do not need to recieve or send email from my phone. I need to have all of my outlook contacts, task, and calendar on my phone so I can sync it when I get home- ALL THAT IS GOOD.

    My problem is that i want to sync my emails so I can take them with me on the road. On my old ipaq when i synced to my computer(Outlook) it download all my emails as well. I could also compose an email on the road and when i synced it it would send my email from my computer. Verizon wants me to use Wireless sync -which would require data package. IS THERE ANYWAY AROUND THIS?
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    I don't see Mail in the Hotsyn manager unless there is a third party way to do it. I had an Ipaq also so I know exactly what you mean with downloading emails, composing a response then uploading when you sync. The centro syncs with calendar, notes, tasks, etc but not email. I also don't have a need to have an internet connection because I'm in front of a PC most of my waking day.
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    Ugh...what a PITA! I've heard that it's harder to get around the data plan option w/Verizon. Sorry.

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