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    It shows I have Pocket Tunes ver. 4.07 Deluxe but when I select TOOLS there is no Internet Radio option?

    Any ideas?
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    Who's your carrier? Sprint and Verizon (I think) included the streaming option while AT&T did not. If you do not feel like paying for an upgrade, get either Mundu Radio (free) or mOcean (adware, but you do gain card reader functionality to your Centro which it does not have by default)
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    On Sprint it is Menu-->Q
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    nice! Didn't know I had that
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    You can stream radio on your Centro at or
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    Quote Originally Posted by FM_ View Post
    You can stream radio on your Centro at or
    I didn't know that was possible either. I can't tell you the number of times I wish I had a radio to listen to a White Sox game and thought, why can't I get that on my cell phone? That's the coolest thing I've heard all day!

    Is there a way to set certain stations as favorites to access them easily?

    how many seconds behind is it anyway? 30? still not bad though....
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