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    I'm trying to get one of these two cost-justified to buy for my fellow Palm tribe members at work (currently 6 of 30, not counting the one iPaq). The desktops are mostly Windows NT and Office 97. Depending on the user, there could be quite a bit of updating a doc or sheet while on the Visor and then syncing back to the original document (not so much "make it and take it" static docs).

    Does anyone have experience using either of these two, or as an alternative has anyone seen a review (preferably head-to-head) of them?

    Also specifically interested in multiple user licensing (one box per person, site license, etc.).

    Any opinion is appreciated. Thanx in advance!
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    I use Quickoffice and am very satisfied with both the word processor and the spreadsheet.

    They both work seamlessly with Word and Excel.

    Would highly recommend QuickOffice, though I haven't used Docs to Go, so can't comment on that.
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    Another vote for Quickoffice. I mainly got it for Quicksheet, the best PalmOS spreadsheet app I have found. A co-worker of mine has DocumentsToGo and it just, well, seems slower, both the Palm app and the HotSync process. The plus side of DocumentsToGo is that you can sync with WordPerfect/Quattro Pro AND Word/Excel (Quickoffice only does Word/Excel). The downside is that you can't edit or create formulas in a spreadsheet on the Palm, it has to be done on the desktop. You can change other cells, just not ones with formulas in them. This was a big thing for me, as I didn't want to have to sync twice every time I wanted to change a formula.

    If you use WordPerfect, DocumentsToGo is pretty much your only option. If you have Microsoft Office, I think Quickoffice is your best choice (and cheaper, if I remember).
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    I'd buy QuickSheets seperately, and then buy WordSmith instead of QuickWord.
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    I agree with Bookrats. Wordsmith 2.0 is a far better Word Processor than QuickWord. As far as a spreadsheet program goes, I recommend TinySheet. QuickSheet isn't bad but I liked using TinySheet better.
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    I've had both Docs to Go and Quickoffice on my Prism for a while. I used D2G for quite a while at first, with good results. But I switched over to Quickoffice a few months ago and haven't looked back. D2G recently got squeezed out completely when I wanted to install Multimail Pro...

    I've also had WordSmith installed and it worked very well. But it's soooo large in size that I kicked it off in favor of Quickword. Keep in mind that I've got a Thinkpad laptop, so I already have portability for my many office apps, and I would say that QuickWord serves me mostly as a doc reader that I can edit with, if the need arises.

    Quicksheet works fine for me with the smallish spreadsheets I regularly sync. I've never tried Tinysheet.
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    I also would agree with bookrats. The way to go is Wordsmith and Quicksheets. I've had no problems with either one and love bveing able to modify (and indeed create) with both programs. Make sure to get a Stowaway keyboard with them to make life easier.
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    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Your (collectively) input is much appreciated. It sounds like I have a few demos to download and try out. Good thing I have a Deluxe.

    I'm definitely going to give Wordsmith a go - between your reccommendations and the reviews, it sounds like a must-have.

    And yes - a Stowaway is on the short list...

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