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    Has anyone ever come up with a way to add wi-fi to a 700p? I remember that Palm once came out with a Wi-Fi card for the SD slot but it wasn't compatible with very many models. I was hoping that someone hacked the driver or somthing so that that card could be configured to work on a Treo....
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    I agree - I would LOVE to see this.
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    Me too, but I don't think it will work.
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    I recall the problem is the radio would either be dedicated to the wifi or phone. You couldn't use both so you'd basically have a PDA with wifi or a smartphone without wifi. I also recall it didn't run smoothly. There must be a thread about this because I read it.
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    The best thing I have come up with so far is a reverse Bluetooth DUN, where your bluetooh PC shares its internet connection with your Treo. Works pretty well especially if your PC has a class 1 bluetooth transceiver. Not hard to set up...

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