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    On my treo 680, no problem to connect TomTom6 with my holux m1000, but Garmin XT dont' want to connect with it.

    Did somebody had this problem?
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    I have the exact problem and there was someone else with an M1000 that Garmin XT was giving fits to. I'm anxiously awaiting an update. Luckily I had a backup phone I used on my last road trip...
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    Last month I bought a Garmin XT card. Right from Garmin. They assured me it would have 2009 maps on it. The card arrives, and clearly says "2007 Navteq data"....the people at CS over there have no idea what they're lying about; probably don't even realize they're lying. I returned it and got credit because I had not opened it.
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    Your Garmin Mobile XT w/ Holux M1000 won't "work" ... the NMEA is not sorted and the navigation itself will be slow. Pls read this thread

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