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    I think it's annoying when I have the system volume set to anything but 'Off' because almost every button press makes an unbearable tiny beep. But when I have the system volume set to 'off,' it also silences a few other sounds the phone makes, such as the 'warning' sound when certain things happen, such as a download not completing. Any way to turn off JUST the button beeps?
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    I have also been wondering that. I turned my system sounds back on because of that. Now in the middle of a meeting I'm supposed to paying attention to you can here my every key stroke.
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    Yup, exactly. In a quiet room it's just too much. I can't believe that they didn't make the button beeping a separate volume, every phone I've ever had was set up that way, and I always muted it. Now, who knows what I'm missing.

    One thing that I noticed that is lumped into the 'system' volume control is Sprint Mobile Email. When my system volume is off, it just vibrates, no sound.

    Is it possible for someone to write a program to silence just the beeps? Or maybe someone knows the name of the beep sound file & I can just try deleting it?
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    Can anyone verify that the System Beep Hack works in YAHM on the Centro? I can't get it to do anything at all...

    Edit: Nevermind, the System Beep Hack doesn't work on my Centro, but Key Click Hack does.
    Perfect! Thanks!
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