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    yeah, the clip is actually very easy to use/install, and it is very sturdy on the ebay hard cases.
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    I bought so many cases. leather flip case, rubber case, hard case, silicon case, pouch case. all of them. in the end I use my Centro naked. I don't know why but I think naked is the way to go... :-p

    but I do put it in the pouch case tho (SPE6 like). the pouch case is very versatile. You can put in your pocket or just hook it onto your belt or even just the pants.

    love my pouch case so much
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    well i ended up getting the silicon skin from ebay from gotogold and it fits perfectly
    no issues with the fitment on mine whatsoever... i can reach everything on the screen and the keyboard without the case getting into the way

    the only thing i have a small problem with is the case gets a little bit in the way of getting the stylus... but it's still very easy to remove
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