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    hey guys
    I installed a large pdb file on my centro, then decided not to install the program the pdb file came with... is there a way to delete it through resco explorer?
    Palm Centro (VZW)
    W/ 1GB SDHC
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    Use Resco Explorer to go into the RAM and you look for it. Then delete it...

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    the thing is.. i dont see it anywhere
    the pdb file was called super.pdb

    but when i look around in resco, I can't find it..
    Palm Centro (VZW)
    W/ 1GB SDHC
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    I'm not familair with the app or the super.pdb file you installed. Some .pdb files will be renamed, or the file type will be changed when installed into the RAM.

    You may have to spend sometime figuring it out, or if you have a RX version 3xx or newer, install the application, then go to RX menu/Options and collapse the RAM and look for the application.

    In collapsed RAM, RX will put the files associated with app in the same folder. Then just delete the bunch with Destaller Lite.

    Or, if you have a backup that was done before installing the super.pdb file, hard reset and do a restore......

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