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    If Sprint is going to screw the BizCon user base, then AllTel may be our only option.

    Alltel's Office SyncSM powered by SEVEN

    Office Sync provides real-time access to corporate and personal email, calendar, corporate directory, personal contacts and documents from your mobile device with end-to-end security. Microsoft® Outlook® and Lotus Notes supported. Access your work or personal email from a broad range of wireless devices for a new level of freedom! 1-800-ALLTEL-1 option 3, option 3, option 3
    For Tech Legal or Cybercrime Help visit
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    Can the ALLTEL product do what BCPE did for a POS 5 phone? Reading the Seven site, I do not think so. I does not seem to have a business version that puts a client on your desktop to get into the firewall in non-POP environments.


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