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    Yep, thats right. The original didn't do it but the Jawbone2 does. If you power it up, let it pair and not use the headset for over 15 mins it will power down and break the link. So when you get a call you have to grab the earpiece, hold down talk for 5 seconds, let it pair and then push talk once and answer. All before the call goes to voicemail. Good Luck. This is not in the manual but is in the FAQ on their website. And I actually called a nice person at customer support and got a confirmation. WOW. I am now a proud owner of a Plantronics discovery. Guess I will see how it goes.

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    Interesting. I have a Jawbone2 and it stays on all day/night until I turn it off. The only time it turns itself off is when I get out of range of the phone and stay out of range for over 10-15 minutes then it turns off. I wear it in my ear all day at my office and I've never missed a call with it unless I'm out of range of my phone. I love my Jawbone2.
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    I'm in the market, and would appreciate more people sharing their experiences with this "feature."
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    The unit I had may have had issues. The support person I talked to seemed to understand my qualifications. Despite the signal issue the Plantronics Discover 925 I replaced this with has a greater range, seems to have faster button responses and the sound is much better. That being said with the possibility of the Jawbone2 being a bad unit it is apples to oranges. However my phone the Treo 800w uses microUSB for connetivity and so does the Plantronics. So now all my cables and car chargers work for all devices. That has turned out to be quite a value add.


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