I'm having a difficult problem with VersaMail and AOL that has just begun to happen (I've been using it for a year and this started about three weeks ago).

When I first set up the account in 2007, I found that when I set it up to automatically retrieve mail (auto synch), somehow all of the mail in my Recently Deleted folder would be permanently deleted. AOL usually keeps it around for 48 hours or more a good safe guard.

I checked all of the settings and nothing in the settings would have told it to even look at that folder.

I turned off auto synch and found that if I manually retrieved mail, i.e. hit the Get button when I wanted mail, this problem went away. It was an aggrivation, but it was also a solution.

About three weeks ago that all changed. Now even when I manually retrieve e-mail from AOL with Versamail, everything in my "recently deleted" folder is permanently deleted from the server. I changed no settings.

Again, my Treo is set up to simply send and receive messages from my AOL in-box.

One other issue that's begun to happen. When sending and receiving, periodically (not every time) I'll get a message "the entire message could not be retrieved" and then it will quit the server. I'll immediately hit "Get" and it will proceed with no problems......sometimes there aren't even messages to download when I sign back in so the message makes no sense. I can also see things like "1 of 62" before it knocks me off, when again, the online AOL inbox is actually empty.

Can anyone help me? This is a very frustrating situation.