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    Hi guys,

    We have posted the latest PictureSMS 1.15 Beta on our website. Here is the changes:

    1. NEW: Picture ID in the chat thread. LilPic's pictures will be used. If you are still using small pictures like the 30x37 pixel, we suggest you to use a bigger picture to get the best out of this cool new feature. You have to enable this option in pSMS’ Preferences.

    2. NEW: Save or Draft Folder. This folder can store draft SMS for future sending, SMS that has
    high importance or has sentimental value, and frequently forwarded/sent SMS. Basically, any text message is possible to save here. Examples are draft SMS, favorite quotes from our love
    ones, reminders by SMS, greetings, etc. SMS can be transferred here from any form that shows SMS (SMS Chat thread, SMS Scheduler, Quick Reply, Compose form). From the Save folder,
    you can automatically transfer it to SMS Scheduler or Compose SMS form for easier sending. The order is by the saved date.

    3. NEW: Option to breakdown long SMS to individual 160-character SMS. A must have for
    Sprint network subscribers.

    4. NEW: Hide timestamps option in chat threads.

    5. NEW: SMS Export to Comma Separated Values (CSV) File format. One of the advantages is
    the ease of viewing of the tabulated SMS on the desktop or Treo on-board document reader (if installed). Microsoft Excel and Open Office supported.

    6. NEW: Copy Phone # to clipboard menu in the chat threads.
    7. NEW: vCard or Business card handling is now supported. Yes, the technology behind vCardManager is now on PictureSMS. vCardManager is still available for the built-in messaging app users and it can still be used by pSMS users by turning this feature off.

    8. NEW: After sending an SMS via the Quick Reply, form will now automatically close after the
    SMS has been successfully sent.
    9. NEW: Added "FW:" on the forwarded SMS.
    10. NEW: Added "Add Unlisted Contact" option in SMS Scheduler.
    11. NEW: Option to automatically exit a form when a message is copied to Saved folder.
    12.NEW: Restore pSMS databases from card backup to the RAM.
    13. IMPROVED: Way better navigation.
    14. IMPROVED: "Edit" context menu.
    15. IMPROVED: Picture handling.
    16. IMPROVED: Faster and more graceful exit.
    17. FIXED: Screen not turning on if new SMS has arrived and SMS reminder has triggered (on
    some Centro and Treo).
    18. FIXED: LilPic and sound file lists are now sorted.

    19. FIXED: Conflicting menu shortcut for View/Go to Top menu and Edit Copy Text menu. The
    latter is now assigned to menu J.
    20. FIXED: Refresh after single SMS deletion.
    21. FIXED: Database not open error after deleting a Blocked number.

    Special thanks to all the people who participated in this version.

    You may download it from:

    Thank you.
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    Whenever I receive a message on PictureSMS, the side button on my Centro will play the last music that was played with the latest message. How can I prevent it from happening?

    I had tried reinstalling PTune and find that it does not happen until I receive a message on PictureSMS.
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    Hi Sky, Please try the latest version. Don't forget to completely turn off the previous version.
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