I know there are a couple of BBC threads already, but I’m hoping that this problem is simple enough that someone might have run into it already and might have an answer.

My old unlocked, unbranded 650 is falling apart, so I bought a new unlocked, unbranded 680 GSM. I’ve been using the 650 successfully with BBC for about 18 months on T-Mobile. The 680 came with ROM 2.12, and I knew that the upgrade to 2.11 broke BBC, so I updated the 680 with the custom 1.04 ROM found here. Worked fine, and I had a fully functional 680 on 1.04, and moved my SIM from my 650 to 680.

So I’m trying to install BBC on my 680 now. It goes through the entire process, successfully provisions my 680, bulk loads calendar events, downloads service books to my 680, and generally gets all the way through the process and tells me it was successful.

BBC has now replaced Versamail, and if I look in the info screen, it shows me the appropriate information. (Right carrier, PIN, etc.) I can’t actually connect to my BES server though.

If I hit “Register Now” on the screen, it looks like it’s doing the following:

1) Creates the blackberry.net network connection. (If I switch to preferences, I can see it there briefly)

2) Attempts to connect to the BES server, and fails

3) Deletes the blackberry.net connection

So it seems the bb.net connection is created on the fly.

If I manually create that network connection, I can successfully connect manually to the network. (Little green arrows.) However, when I then try to reset the blackberry service from the Preferences dialog in BBC, it reads “Connecting” for a while, and then just times out.

So maybe it can’t connect to the BES server? Does it delete the blackberry.net connection when it can’t connect? Any ideas for troubleshooting?

Thanks in advance to anyone for any ideas!