when I returned from my vacation in Ireland a few days ago, something weird happened; I hope someone can explain!

To avoid the high costs especially for data roaming, I had used a local prepaid card in Ireland.
Back home again, I inserted my own SIM card, checked that the correct connection setting for the card was active, tapped on Connect - everything worked just fine.

I then launched Blazer, which strangely went through the connection routine again; the next thing I noticed was that the two green arrows next to the antenna symbol had turned black.

I diconnected/connected again, and this time I watched more closely and saw the name "GoInternet" appear instead of my provider's profile name.

I looked at the network preferences, and sure enough, there was GoInternet, and, taking a closer look at that profile, I saw that it was set to ISDN instead of to GPRS (I don't use ISDN).

I couldn't find any way to prevent Blazer from connecting via GoInternet, so eventually I performed a hard reset and restored everything but the three net... files, then configured the network settings for my provider by hand.

Now everything is back to normal, but I'm puzzled.

Has anyone ever experienced something like that and knows what might be behind this?