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    has a 16 or 32gb sdhc card ever been tested with a treo 650? my 8gb transcend worked awesomely but got wrecked recently. i would like to get a replacement (very soon), but if i can use a larger size card over an 8gb.. well that's what i'd like to know. thanks!
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    16gb work.

    Since SDHC is a standard, I assume ALL SDHC cards will work.
    The only "limitation" is that the os only recognizes 4gb of storage, although all of it is read. You have an 8gb so all of this you should already know.

    Since you have 2x4gb blocks on the 8gb now, the 16 has 4, and the 32 has 8.
    Again, I haven't heard any reports yet of 32gb working, but as I said before, I assume all future cards will work.
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    someone at Mtdn got a 32gb card and says it works fine with 26gb worth of music/video on it. once i fill up my 8gb maybe i'll consider one of them there big jobbers.
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    The only limitation that i envision is the device may take a LONG time to read 32 gigs of data...
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    ^^^^^ that, and the fact that 32gb sdhcs are upwards of $150 (some are close to $200).. i have my sights on a transcend 16gb sdhc from newegg - total cost is a little under $60 which is much less wallet busting, and it comes with a tiny usb card reader.

    i also (re)learned a lesson from having my 8gb card becoming useless: back up your data! you! over there reading this post! when did you last hotsync? do it now!
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    just wanted to come back here & mention i've been using a 16gb kingston sdhc card for a while now. works fine & the additional space is great. bought it from newegg, which is a company i would swear by if you're going to buy technology.

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