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    The BlueAnt SuperTooth 3 has a cool feature where it will automatically upload your phone's contacts. Of course, your phone has to support this feature. If it doesn't, your contacts can be manually transfered to the device. Has anyone had any success transfering their contacts from a Treo 650 or 700p to the SuperTooth 3?

    Palm Treo 755p with 2GB SanDisk microSD, Launcher X
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    I have been working the same issue with my 755p - no luck. I can get 40 contacts transferred - and then the connection drops. I've done it 8 times (i.e. re-set, re-pair, and manual upload via bluetooth), and it stops at the same point every time (right after it announces that 40 contacts have been transferred). Very frustrating...but I still love the Supertooth 3!


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