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    Just got a palm treo 755p, my 650 went kaput. unfortunately, i have a few copies of my Messages_Database.pdb from my 650 that were lying around, and I wanted to combine these together and reload them onto my 755p with hotsync. I figured the best way to do that was to first use sms2csv and get all the Messages_Datbase.pdb files into .csv files to be opened in excel, and then I can combine them into one giant .csv file, which I did, and it looks great. However, unlike most people, I don't want to keep it on my PC, I'd rather have it reloaded onto my new treo, but I don't know how to get my messages.csv converted back into a Messages_Database.pdb file. Obviously I tried reversing the commands with the sms2csv program, and it generates a file, but it's 0 bytes, so doesn't work. I looked around for tools, but couldn't find anything. Ideas? Suggestions? thanks.

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    gentle bump. curious to know if theres a way to convert the cvs files back into the Messages_Database.prc . Thanks.

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