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    Hey Everyone,

    It's been a very long time since I posted over here at TreoCentral. It's been so long in fact that I can't remember my old user name and have created a new one. So here are a few questions to some answers anyone reading this may have:

    "Who are you?"
    I'm Phil, I am the developer of such palm apps as ptpChat 1 and 2, PhoneSwitch Basic and Deluxe, and KeySwitch.

    "Why have you been away from TreoCentral so long?"
    Honestly I found myself spending way more time wandering through a handful of forums (this one included) than actually writing code. It got to the point where I distanced myself from all of them. It wasn't until offered me my own forum on their site that I got back in to it.

    "What made you come back to TC?"
    There are a lot of great people over here. As a developer the more feedback I can get the better off I'll be as a developer.

    "So when are you going to actually release something new and exciting?"
    Here is where you come in. I'm getting close to releasing my multi-server IRC client ptpChat 2, I just need more feedback in to what it's missing, what doesn't work right etc.

    Expect to see me participating in various posts here and keeping myself visible. Also expect updates on when new and exciting releases are available from BoraWare (and lots of freebies too!).

    I look forward to having a great relationship with everyone here at TreoCentral,

    - Phil -
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    Hey Phil - welcome!

    I can't believe there's anyone using a POS Treo/Centro who is not using PhoneSwitch!
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    Hi Phil. It would be helpful if you posted some links for us to see what you have to offer. Perhaps a home/product page or even links to your applications in the download area here at TC. Thanks and welcome to TC.

    EDIT: I guess I'm an impatient type of guy. I just located: for starters (and all I need for now). I will be looking at PhoneSwitch Basic this evening.
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    I recommend installing PhoneSwitch Deluxe and using the unrestricted 37 day trial until it runs out. That way you'll get to see everything available in the Deluxe version and use it unrestricted for a month. After that you can just remove PS Deluxe and install PS Basic. Anyhow, if you have any questions at all about any of my software feel free to just ask. I'm always available.

    - Phil -
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    Welcome aboard, Phil!

    I am sure that T/C users will benefit with your apps and answering questions here as well.

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