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    I have an 8gb SD card. It is not SDHC. My treo reads it for a little while, however, each time I access a new program, it dismounts. Whenever I try to play music from it, it dismounts. What on earth is going on?
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    What I've done so far...

    Reformatted the Card. No success.

    Hard Reset. No success.

    Cradle Care. No success.
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    If it is a non SDHC 8 gb card, it is probably because it is a noncompliant card. The SD standard capped at 2 gb. The higher capacity cards played tricks to try to have things recognized but were definitely outside anything in the standard.
    (I've never heard of an 8 gb SD card although 4 gb SD cards were fairly common prior to the sdhc standard was finalized.)
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    So, there is nothing I can do?

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