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    my friends treo 755p makes a weird beep every so often , we cant figure out what it is , we thought maybe because it was out of range , but my phone which is also a treo 755p will not do it. have any of you experenced this problem
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    Could be a 3rd party app alert, which makes it kind of hard to guess...
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    Quote Originally Posted by papped View Post
    Could be a 3rd party app alert, which makes it kind of hard to guess...
    yea , i thought that to , but he does not have any other apps on his phone that didnt come with is phone , he afaid to download anything besides googles maps. i know i have alot of 3rd party apps and i have never had this problem
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    Roaming notification? EVDO/1x switching? I dunno.
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    they will also give short beeps when the battery is at low state; check his Sounds & Alerts - Phone Alerts in Preferences and see if there is a sound notification set for "Voicemail, Coverage In/Out or Signal Faded; I keep the last two to OFF.
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    Maybe this is the beep you are talking about? I still haven't seen a solution. It annoyed me so much I ultimately turned off all my system sounds in Prefs.

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    I get two quick beeps when my activesync fails. But I also get a notification when that happens.
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