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    So I took apart my treo and replaced the digitizer (touch screen part on top of LCD). The phone has been dropped a few times and now seems to randomly reset -- even after a hard reset or a factory hard reset. It will work for a few hours and will even continue to function if I shake or move from side to side. But then randomly for instance it will freeze (not reset) when I simply put the battery door back on. It's almost like this little jolt does something to the insides which effs the thing up.

    Any advice or new phone? I have no insurance fyi--
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    Okay-- if no one has any idea I've got another question. How do I do the MOST devastating reset possible to the treo. I want to clear every program on there and get back to just what's on the rom. Also, I want no record of any previous resets on the phone. For some reason now, if i do a hard reset and then type in ##377# it pulls up the same crash record from last week.
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    The only thing else you can do is a zero out reset. Does that also wipe out the phone provisioning? (I honestly don't remember)
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    Amazingly enough i think i fixed it last night. As a last resort, I took the phone apart and beneath the LCD there is a screwed in box that may house the CPU or something like that. I unscrewed and lifted it off and then rescrewed it back in. I think it had been mashed down when I changed out the touchscreen and was causing my reset problem. Since then I've had zero resets and the phone is working great.
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    By "hard reset" did you get the message to press the up key to erase all data? That is a factory reset. taking out the battery is basically the equivalent to hitting the reset button.

    To do the back-to-factory "hard reset" you have to hold the power button, press the reset button, then let go of the power button. Finally select YES to erase all of your data.

    Also - it's a GREAT idea to do a hotsync first, or use a program like NVBackup to back all of your data up to a memory card...

    Hope this helps!
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