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    Every time I tap on the Quicksheet icon, I get Fatal Alert Fatal Exception Reset on the screen.

    I have reset (hard and soft) and deleted and reinstalled the software. Anybody know why this is happening? It is probably something simple, but I can't find a solution.

    BTW, I have a Visor Platinum and the latest version of QuickOffice.

    Thx IA
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    I had a similar experience, though I can't remember the exact solution. Seem to recall it was solved by an number of Hard Resets, then finally removing the batteries for 24 hrs to completly wipe the VPL. I then changed the name of my Palm folder on the PC, sync'd each app one by one starting with QuickSheet. I then checked that QS was working after each sync.

    Before all that, have you got any hacks/extensions installed? If so deactivate then delete them, it may help. Then make sure Avant Go is updated if you use it, then finally double check your QuickSheet version is 5.1?

    I created a thread here which may help, though these were in my early Visor days

    good luck..

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