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  • i LOVE fish tank terror

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  • i think fish tank terror is OK, its only fun for a few days

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  • dont get it, fish tank terror is TERRIBLE

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  • fish tank terror crashes my organizer

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  • the beta of filthy pigeons is so great! go to their site and become a beta tester!

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    i loooove this company!!!!! their products are sooooo fun and hilarious. go to their webpage and become a beta tester to help this fabulos company out. i cant wait to see their future products, maby "palm os virus" and the backgrounds are actually the icons on your palm, and you can go around eationg bytes of info! but what i wanted to know is if anyone has tried their software and could post their comments? i am going to wait until my visor 2mb has more internall memory (120k now) and so by the time i download it, it has no bugs and is updated to its max.!

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    I got tired of the senseless crashes with the fih tank terror betas so I dumped it. But maybe the engineers need to add an artist to the team to bring it up to the standard of Ababall, Zap, Bejeweled. 16-bit is great, who wants to run a 4-bit (I guess) game.

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