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    I just installed 2Dail on my 755.
    Great App.
    I love how it integrates with 4cast and TakephONE.
    I'm just having one problem.
    When I'm on the start screen of 2day it has 3 icons wich show how many:
    emails (Chatter)
    text (Messaging ) &
    IM (Mundu)
    You have unread. Now this is great because you don't have to go in to those apps to check how many new messages you have.
    I'm having a problem integrating Mundu with the IM notification.
    When I tap on the IM icon a pop-up
    shows up that says:
    "No IM Clients Found!"

    Then when I go into preferences and I scroll down to "Monitoring,"
    I tap on IM and there's not an app to select.

    So my question is;
    how can I integrate Mundu with 2day so that when I'm on the start screen of 2dail, and I have IM(s) that I haven't read;
    the notifyer shows me how many IM are unread?

    How come when I go to 'Monitoring" under preferences, and I tap IM there isn't anything there?
    When I'm in Monitoring and I tap email it show "Chatter".
    When I tap SMS it shows "Messaging."

    Is anyone else having this problem?
    Can anyone please help?

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    Afraid 2day does not interface with Mundu IM (yet ?) - to be able to display the unread IMs, I need some sort of an interface with the Mundu IM app.

    I have tried contacting the developers about this, but still did not get a response.
    Shimon Shnitzer
    Maker of TAKEphONE, 2day, 4cast, 2dial & CallCards -
    "Take telephony into your Palm"
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    that suck!

    stupid Mundu! lol

    Do you think you guys will ever collaborate???

    and if you guys do get together and make this happen will you incorporate it on TAKEphONE too????
    That would be the best thing to ever happen if TAKEphONE and Mundu would get together and you could see how many IM you have from the TAKEphONE screen.
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    I have a similar question, how can I make it interface with the IM client that came with Centro?

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