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    I realize that this may sound like a really stupid question but can anyone explain the difference between Date book and Date book+ and if so what is the significance of having both?
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    Datebook+ is a trimmed down version of the popular DateBk app that Handspring included on the Visor. It offers additional views, integrated Todo's, and floating events. It lacks any beaming capability, however, which is why you have the standard Datebook app too. Since both are in ROM, neither one can be deleted.
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    Thank you very much, I appreciate the help

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    Originally posted by MarkEagle
    Datebook+ is a trimmed down version of the popular DateBk app that Handspring included on the Visor.
    Why did Handspring decide to include the trimmed down version? What's the advantage to using the DateBk+? Just the additional views and couple of things that you mentioned? That's it?

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    Hey, holda the phone here. I thought DateBook+ was identical to DateBook, but with some additonal views? whassa goin on here?
    I also know that all the records I put into DateBook+ are marked as belonging to DateBook, either because that's the "core" app or because I started using that first.
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    -Datebk+ is a special version of Datebk3 by Pimlico Software.

    -Datebk3 (and Datebk4 for that matter) are very beefy versions of that use almost the same interface as the original Datebk.

    -Datebk is the original minimal program written by Palm Co.

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    heh... Trotsky beat me to the punch. If I hadn't scrolled down in the reply/edit page, I would have not seen Trotsky's reply-- as I was prepared to write an epic on the differences :-)

    But, I'll submit this link... for the real world reason on the differences (hint: It wasn't the author's call).

    While you're there, if you view the complete thread and scroll up to message 1, you'll see an elaboration on the 20+ Datebook+ vs DateBk3 differences CESD mentioned in the link Trotsky provided.

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