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    One day my phone randomly started deleting txt messages as soon as I would recieve them. For example I can see the text message, but when I hit "reply "the message dissapears and shows a blank text screen similar to the one you see when you press the new button, but addressed to the person that texted me.

    Basically it's like I lost the chat function, but my settings are:
    Confirm message deletions (check)
    Create chats from messages (Always)

    I moved to the new sprint firmware (1.07) and the chat function worked fine until I restored my back up settings. I think my txt app is somehow corrupted and will not save the chats. This changed happened shortly after a PRL update.

    Anyone know where I could find a default file or the name of the file? Would copying a new file to my palm revert it back to normal txt chat function?
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    K I found the solution:

    Treo 650 Spontaneous Reboot When Sending SMS Messages
    Here’s a tip that’s completely useless for anyone who a) doesn’t have a Treo and b) hasn’t had their Treo spontaneously reboot when sometimes sending SMS text messages. As I couldn’t find this solution elsewhere, I thought I’d post it here for now.

    Go to the home page of the Treo and in the ‘App’ menu select Delete…
    Scroll down the list until you find Messages Database. (You’re now going to delete all your past SMS messages, but it’s a small price to pay.)
    Delete it.
    Your Treo should work fine now.
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    I had a similar issue where it wasn't showing any of my text messages at all. I had installed CleanStart and unchecked the messaging app in it. Checking messaging in CleanStart fixed the issue for me.

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