1) I have been reviewing chattermail & snappermail, but I don't think they sync the entourage inboxes. Is there a way I can at least connect my centro & my mac & then sync the inboxes?

2) I dragged some Word docs to the icon that says "send to handheld" from the Palm Desktop, but I don't see them on my phone. I am assuming it is waiting for an SD card to be installed on my phone? I downloaded one of the docs successfully just now in entourage & I can view the attachment there in the email; however, I can not locate it in documents to go itself. I guess that's how it works?

3) Finally, what are the 2 envelope icons, 1 is "email", 1 is "mail" that comes with the centro. My entourage is currently showing up in the "email" icon only. What is this "email" program by the way? I think versamail was scrapped bc wireless sync is on Verizon phones.

4) I am thinking about getting Izymail & using either snappermail or chattermail for getting my hotmail to sync with my Palm (will this work)?

5) One more thing, is it true that I don't need to have the Palm Desktop software if I have the "Missing Sync for Palm"?