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    Hi there, just got my Prism from (very reasonable!)
    I need suggestions of software (FREE only) that I can down load to make full use of the thing.

    Can anyone help me?

    Many thanks
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    There's a website that offers all freeware for Palm OS. It's

    Have fun!

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    Search for these at
    Album To Go
    Big Clock
    BJ Champ
    Pyramid Solitaire
    Rally 1000 (Milles Bornes)

    All color, all free.

    Other to check out:
    Ababall, ActionNames Datebook (both from
    SimpleSketch, Launch 'Em 3.0 (both from
    WordSmith (
    Alchemy, Atomica, Bejeweled (all from
    FreeCell, Klondike, Vegas Video Poker, Vegas Slots (all from
    "Life is what you experience between racing games"
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    If you want a really good color launcher that's free, try Launcher III. I love it!


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