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    My Centro just died on me this morning and does not power up. I tried to charge it, but the red led does not light up. None of the buttons seem to do anything.
    I removed the battery and re-inserted it, but no effect. I haven't tried the hard reset though.

    Any ideas or anyone had this problem before ?
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    The power jack on my centro died. I couldn't get it to charge. I got mine to charge through the USB cable. The Centro USB cable doesn't use the power jack but does charge the phone. What about turning on a PC and seeing if it charges that way?
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    Maybe the battery isn't charging because of the power adapter? Maybe it is dead?

    See if you can find a good charge battery at a store or from a friend.. To see if it is the phone, the battery or the charger.
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    Thanks for the replay guys....
    I talked to Palm Support and they told me to try to charge it via USB (same as what you guys recommend...). They call this as Trickle charge to test if there is any hardware issue or Circuitry failure.

    I will keep you posted..
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    Quote Originally Posted by askmahesh View Post
    I talked to Palm Support and they told me to try to charge it via USB (same as what you guys recommend...). They call this as Trickle charge to test if there is any hardware issue or Circuitry failure.
    If your battery is completely dead, it won't charge via USB.
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    if the battery is completely out, when you charge it, it will take sometime to show any sign of life, just keep charging it.
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    Three weeks ago I had the same problem. I went to the Sprint Store and they tested the battery and it was dead. They gave me a new battery and within 6 hours that battery was fried. Subsequently, they gave me a new (reconditioned) phone. Before the second battery was totally killed (it was getting awful warm without using the phone), I tested it out and the unit was drawing excessive current. I do not know what was causing this excessive current draw.
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    Another update
    I had a chat ( online) with customer support and they think it is a hardware problem and since it was under warranty, they will send a replacement one.
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    Its now been over a week and still not received my replacement Centro. I have been calling Customer support daily and all they say is they are processing it. I am not sure what they need to process. All they have to do is send a replacement phone.

    This is really frustrating. I have been without the phone for 2 weeks now and i have to travel next week.
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    Who is your service provider? That totally bites! I hope you get your new one soon.
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    TMobile... But i bought the unlocked version of Centro. So i have been in touch with the Palm Support.
    Yesterday they said they are going to ship it today.
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    I am having similar problems.

    I typically charge overnight with the AC charger. This morning, the LED was green and I unplugged the charger. The green light changed to red. While off the charger, the red LED flashed a few times and then stayed on. Meanwhile I felt the phone heating up, much warmer than when the phone has been on during a conversation.

    I removed the battery, let it cool down somewhat, and put it back in. Now the barrtery was at 80%. The red LED was on while the Palm logo came up during the reset and stayed on the whole time. I noticed the screen getting dimmer while the phone/battery was getting hot again.

    I removed the battery again. This time the red light did not come on. I kept the phone off this time around thinking the phone or data was causing the battery drain. This didn't help. The battery was not cooling down and getting warmer.

    I removed the battery for over an hour. Reinserted it, getting the Palm logo and reset, but then the screen went dim and then black.

    Plugged in with an AC charger, and the battery level shows 0%. Waited about 10-15 minutes. The battery stays at 0%.

    I think I have a dead battery. Has anyone else experienced the death throws of a li-ion battery? The flashing red LED and heating up must be tell-tale signs of an end-of-life battery.

    By the way, I bought my Sprint Centro at the end of October 2007.

    Edit: Update. Returned back from Sprint store with a replacement unit. It was not a battery problem but a bad Centro. Oh well, a good excuse to do the new 1.07 Sprint update.
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    If you are dealing with Palm good luck on getting that phone anytime soon.
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    Update: Today i finally received my replacement phone. Hope this does not turn out to be like the original one.

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