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    As I have about a month or so until I am going to be purchasing my 680 I figure I will continue doing my research on various things so that I can buy everything I want at once and hit the ground running.

    I figured I would make this thread in hopes that I can just add to it with questions and insight from others instead of making a thread every time I come up with a question. (Also, figuring others will have the same questions I have, keeping it all in one allows future users access to the same information in one place... maybe turning this into a sticky).

    I would appreciate it if those with experience and knowledge could impart it upon me. In addition to any of the questions I have I would appreciate it if you would add anything you think I missed; whether it be an app or accessory, or a feature or issue (good or bad) I may be forgetting or unaware of (patches, updates, etc)

    Since I am starting out with the Treo I would like to stick to freeware, unless there is a pay application that is really just hands down better.

    Also, what versions should I be looking for of these respective apps?

    Password Protection...
    In reading some of the threads on the topic it appears YAPS and Cryptex/PSSMobile are highly recommended, are there any others I should consider? I plan to use it to basically store log-in information to various websites, accounts, forums, etc.

    Since I have seen it over and over again mentioned that the 680 does not offer a great alarm application I am wondering what some of the better alarm apps are. I currently use my flip phone as an alarm and would like something similar in my Treo... the ability to have at least 4 alarms that I can set, and not have to reset nightly would be ideal.

    As accidents always happen what are some of the more highly regarded backup apps out there? I would like to back the data up to the SD card (which I address later) and would like it to sync to my PC when I sync the 680. (I mention it because I dont know if it is possible or if it is simply standard). The main app I have seen mentioned is NVBackup, is this pretty much the standard?

    I am waiting to make my purchase until next month because I am using part of my work bonus for the phone. I mention this to explain that like many others, money is tight, I would appreciate it if this could be kept in mind when suggestions are made (i.e. if a case for $50 is 5/5 and a case for $25 is 4.5/5 feel free to mention both but understand I would initially be more interested and tempted by the $25 case)

    I have used both cases and holsters and in the end I prefer the holster. While the case offers good protection I think a holster allows me better access to the phone and the ability to see the phone and not a case.

    I would like a holster that fully wraps around the phone with a flap closure, horizontal or vertical I am without preference. Also, I want a holster that has a clip that bends/curls at the tip to grab the belt. My current holster slides on and off too easily and I have dropped it a couple of times because of this.

    I also saw this case, the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD and thought it looked pretty, well, invisible. If you look at the demo video of the case on the iPhone 3G you cant tell there is even a case on it, and it looks very durable. Has anyone tried this on the 680 model? I am wondering how much thickness it adds to the phone and want to ensure it still allows all access to the buttons and touchscreen.

    I have looked at the Otterbox, but I am not really a fan of how much thickness the case adds, and I am not a fan of having to open the panel to access the touchscreen on the Treo. Though it does look like an amazingly protective case, I think it is a little to much and doesn't allow me to see the beauty that is the 680

    Picture Messaging...
    As I will be using an unlocked, unbranded 680 I want to make sure I can send pictures via SMS messaging. I have seen some threads where people are unable to do it, or are having problems and keep seeing MMS mentioned... as again I will be using SMS I want to make sure I can send images without hassle.

    Extended Battery...
    As battery life is always of concern, and while I plan to properly condition the batter once I get my phone, I am wondering what the consensus is concerning additional or extended batteries. I have seen the Seidio batteries mentioned a lot, specifically the Seidio 2400mAH battery, is this generally speaking the best battery for the buck?

    As it is listed in the link at $50 I am wondering if it is that highly recommended/needed, or if there are better prices to be found?

    SD Card...
    I plan on storing images, music (2-3 songs), office docs (some not a ton), etc on the phone. I would like to pick up an SD card to better protect against loosing data (via backing up to the SD card) but am unsure of what to get. Obviously having the biggest card possible allows for future expansion, but again that gets pricey. I know the 680 specs show it can only support a 4GB card, but that I can use a higher capacity card but it will only show actual usage when I am below 4GB of remaining space. How big an SD card should I look at investing in?

    Should I consider buying a cradle as a primary charging device for the home? This kind of goes back to the extra/extended battery question as I know many cradles offer the charging of the phone on one side and the other battery on the other. Are there any other real benefits to having a cradle over a standard wall charger?

    Anything I forgot?
    If anyone can think of apps, accessories, updates, quarks, tweaks, issues, etc... anything I forgot, please feel free to add your input.

    Again, all input is appreciated, and I am sorry that this post ended up longer than I anticipated, I hope I didn't scare anyone off.
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    excellent questions!

    Yaps and NV backup are good at what they do and are free., cheaper than invisible shield and is similar or even better. after 6 months skins may get yellowish, however you will notice it depending on the color of your device.

    card: if you plan to store music or tons of files, then go for an 8GB sdhc. they 're classified according to read/wite speed, being class 6 the fastest.

    xtended battery: wait to see if your usage requires an extended battery. the big 2400 battery requires a different door and thus, different case and cradle. there is also a 1600 battery that would fit in with the regular door.
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    One pay application that I feel is important to any treo 680 owner is TakePhone. See This is hands down the best phone application replacement. It improves contact seraching as well as oersonalization of the phone.
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    Thanks for the note about bestskinsever, I checked them out and also found a similar make, bodyguardz, that for $25 gives you basically 2 skins and 3 screen protectors.

    Good note about the battery. I knew it made for a different door, but forgot about how it changes the cases.

    Can anyone recommend a solid holster? Again, with a good clip

    I dont plan on storing a TON of stuff on my phone. The only songs I will have are those I have as ringtones, and since most of the time my phone is on vibrate, this wont be many. I will also only have a couple of documents on there along with whatever pictures I take... I am thinking 4GB should cover me and I can always upgrade.

    I also added TakePhone to my list of apps to try out once I get the 680. Thanks for the heads up on it, the screenshots look nice.
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    In reading some of the reviews, does anyone have any experience with any of the following cases:

    Smartphone Experts P6 Pouch (how secure is the clip, ie. how easy does it slide up if bumped from the bottom)
    Tumi Leather (see P6)
    Tumi Ballistic (see P6)
    Palm Hard Case (how does this case work? ratcheting clip?)
    Palm Air Case with Holster (overall thoughts, again, ratcheting clip?)

    (my questions about each are in italics)
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    I dunno about you, but with a brilliant red phone, it's a nice device to be seen. And I like the convenience of a holster with secure protective enclosure yet easy one-handed release. So I've always had clip holsters, not cases with flap covers. For my Treo 650 I liked my Seidio swivel clip holster. Here's the link for the 680 version:

    Currently I own the Helix Holster II for my 680. No complaints. Safe secure but easy access.

    The clips are excellent. They will never fall off your belt. But if your needs are for a case which fully encloses the device, you'll have to get recommendations from others. It doesn't take folks here too long to pipe up with suggestions.

    -- Josh
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    Thanks for the links. I looked at those long and hard, to the extent that I went price hunting, and while I really like the idea of a simple flick of the thumb and the phone is in hand I think I will need/want a fully enclosed case, knowing how I am I think the holster would leave the back of the 680 battered and beaten.

    With that being said I have decided I am comfortable with a horizontal pouch and am thinking of adding something like InvisibleShield or BodyGuardz to protect it when it is out of the case, we will see how the budget is when we get to that point.

    My current top 3 options are the:

    Tumi Leather - $20
    - Offers all around protection
    - Lacks ratcheting clip
    - Business accessory industry leader

    Body Glove Rhythm - $12.50
    - Ratcheting clip
    - Leaves bottom corners exposed

    Covertec 680 Pouch - $23
    - Ratcheting clip
    - Leaves top mostly exposed
    - Only available in bright vibrant colors (wont work for my shirt & tie side)

    So I guess I am looking for a Tumi case with a ratcheting clip, or a Body Glove case with closed off bottom corners... any suggestions?
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    you know what you're misssing: a good unistaller program! that's one of the first thing you should look for. I use Unistaller Manager by Northglide. But i now lots of people use Destaller.
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    I have an extended battery on my 680. There is one form fit case that fits the extended battery so the 680 wears that.. Then i bought a Nitze case that has some very nice features to it and gives some terrific protection. They have many different cases that work with the extended battery.

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