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    I'm looking into getting some map software for my Visor, but I have no plans to get GPS as well. I'm thinking Mapopolis' one year subscription ($18)to all of their maps is a pretty good deal. Does anyone know of better map software in terms of functionality, price, or map availability? Are Mapopolis or any other map programs color enhanced?
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    I love mapopolis, especially since I have only bought 1 county (cook), I like the ability to search by address....
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    Thanks ChicagoWonk,
    Anyone else have any insights on Mapopolis?
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    I have no sense of direction, but mapopolis often helps me out. I love the program, and I only have one county in it. The maps that you pay for add the ability to search for a specific address, but are larger (file size). I doubt you'll be able to fit very many counties on your Visor, considering the county I have is more than 1.1mb. You may want to pay for just a few maps to get the address search in those counties, but download the free maps for other counties so you can fit more maps on your Visor. If you have some type of memory expansion or if you travel a lot, buying a subscription might be a good idea. Either way the program is great.
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    I think you ought to try it out for yourself first. I have found the rewriting of the maps, using memplug and Prism, 'painfully' slow.

    I think I'm open to other options and will be revisiting this site to learn of them.
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    first get the free maps and see how you like them. if you do, then you can choose to buy some maps.

    the only thing i hate about having maps on my visor is that they take up so much stinking memory and it's a big pain using memplug ...

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    What else is out there? I'd like to use it with the MemPlug. I'd like to have a seamless area. Display more than one map at once.
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    Mapopolis currently works installed only on a Flash Card. Nice, but still limited to 8 or 16 Mb.

    The next iteration will support GPS and VFS.

    maps for handhelds

    Frequently Asked Questions . . .

    Q: Will Mapopolis support GPS receivers?

    A: The next release of Mapopolis will support GPS receivers.

    Q: Will Mapopolis support memory cards?

    A: The next release of Mapopolis will support Palm m500/m505 memory cards and any other external memory devices that can be accessed using VFS with Palm OS 4.0.
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    I'm using a pre-release version of Mapopolis V3.0 (about a month old), which still has quite a few bugs in it. BUT it does basic functionality with my GPS Companion wonderfully. Good enough that I bought a year's subscription to the enhanced maps. So, the basic functionality on my preview software works for navigation, but the enhanced directions I get errors on. I can't wait for the full version to come out.

    Another great software item (but pricey - $50) are TomTom maps. The maps are beautiful on the Prism, and even have built in directions that take into account detail down to one way streets.
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    I'm using Quovadis and the rendering/update is wonderful. Esp. if you use with a GPS, the way the street names scroll is amazing. The maps are bit expensive but the sizes are small. I can usually fit most of Illinois in my VDX.
    cons- no address lookup, no routing

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